About company

IDGC of Urals (est. in Feb., 2005) is a key grid operator, liable for electricity transmission and connection of individuals and legal entities to the networks of the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Perm regions.


  1. Total revenues: RUB 60.5 bn, Total costs: RUB -55.1 bn, net profit: RUB 2.4 bn.
  2. Company’s market share (in terms of GRR): 81%.
  3. Total length of aerial power lines: 119,251 km (routes) and 128,425 km (circuits), total length of cable power lines: 6,365 km.
  4. 35/110-220 kV substations: 1,042 substations with 21,639 MVA output; 6-20/0.4 kV substations: 30,674 substations with 8,754 MVA output.
  5. Installed capacity: 1,080 MW (+14% YoY).
  6. Total supply: 69.6 bn kWh, net supply: 64.2 bn kWh, losses: 5.4 bn kWh.
  7. Loans and borrowings as of 31.12.2015: RUB 13.7 bn. A good balance of long-term and short-term loans and borrowings in the credit portfolio.
  8. The Company has no credit contracts with principal debt over 5% of book assets value; liabilities under every credit contract are discharged in due time.
  9. Ва2 (Stable outlook) CFR by Moody's Investors Service
  10. Share price at the year-end: RUB 0.0944 (+57.1% as compared to the turn of the year).
  11. Market value as of 30.12.2015: RUB 8,253.4 mn.