General meeting of stockholders

General meeting of stockholders is a supreme governing entity of the Company. The Company’s charter outlines the competence of the meeting as follows: i) revision of the charter or adoption of amended and restated charter; ii) restructuring of the Company; iii) liquidation of the Company, establishment of liquidation commission and approval of interim and final liquidation balance sheets; iv) determination of amount, nominal value, category or class of outstanding shares and rights attached to the shares. The exhaustive list of the meeting competence is envisaged by the charter (par. 10.2., clause 10). Issues, referred to the competence of the General Meeting of Stockholders, may not be transferred to the Board of Directors, Executive Board and General Director for consideration. General Meeting is not entitled to consider and decide on issues that were not referred to its competence by the Federal Law No.44-ref. Procedure for arrangement and conduct of general meetings of IDGC of Urals (OAO) is stipulated by the charter and Regulations on the General Meeting of Stockholders.

On Jun. 17, 2015 we conducted the Annual General Meeting of Stockholders that approved our annual report; annual financial statements (incl. P&L statement); FY2014 profit allocation; dividend amount, terms and form of FY2014 dividend distribution; membership of our Board of Directors and Board of Internal Auditors; Company’s auditor, etc.

To review the General Meeting’s minutes, please, visit our corporate web-site (Section “General Meeting of Stockholders