Our primary CRM guidelines are observation of consumer rights and interests and satisfaction of their needs. The quality of services should meet or even exceed customer expectations. Customer service centers and bureaus all over the Company provided F2F service. 49,969 customers came to our F2F customer service centers.

Internet customer support and 8-800-2001-220 hot line support provide 24/7 remote customer services. The corporate web-site provides access to the on-line GD’s reception office and personal customer account. 39,031 customers have chosen remote customer support facilities.

To enhance quality and accessibility of Company’s services we have opened two new customer service centers in Chelyabenergo branch (Troitsk, Argayash). All in all, we had 4 large and 15 small customer service centers. Besides, we launched an online service “Personal account” for connection-related customers on our corporate web-site. During 2015 2,136 messages were filed online, 999 of them being requests for connection. Consumer councils in each of our branches conducted both in-presentia and in-absentia meetings. We also enforced our revised “Quality of Customer Service” bylaw and approved grid service passports.

During the next year we plan to promote e-services, incl. extension of functionality of “Personal account” by creating a tab “Energy Transmission”, as stated by Unified Service Standards.

During the reported period we examined 80,000 messages from consumers. We also analyzed whether consumer are satisfied with services and their quality, 99.8% of consumers evaluating Company’s service quality as positive.

Branch Target Actual
Permenergo 1,0102 0,92856
Sverdlovenergo 1,0102 0,94767
Chelyabenergo 1,0102 0,92333

During the reported period the Company has achieved targets of QoS indicators approved by the state regulators. Actual values are within possible variations; max variation has not exceeded 10% with possible variation ratio set at 30%.